About Blackfox Development

Blackfox Development is a small business located in New Hampshire and established in 2019. It is a sole-member managed and operated company with over 50 years of business development experience between its owners/advisors. We strive to assist small and local businesses thrive by focusing on reducing costs, expanding marketability, and enhancing growth opportunities. With our diverse background in systems integration, process improvement, operations, production, office management, and sales we have the tools necessary to drive your gross margin to new heights while focusing on reducing current operating costs where available.

We are an indispensable resource for the sole proprietor, that needs the extra business know-how, or time in their day, to enable them to do what they really love; operate their business and succeed!

Meet the Owner

Robert Ronayne is the sole owner/managing member of Blackfox Development. Robert has over 15 years experience in business management, contract negotiations, sales, government relations, supply chain, operations, production, accounting, and process improvement. These areas coupled with an intensely broad knowledge of state and federal regulations and an extensive pool of technology skills enables Robert to aid in a wide area of needs for the small business owner.

Robert comes from a background in government contracts as an Air Force Veteran as well as a Civil Service employee for the Dept. of the Army. He prides in providing the highest quality service able and where he cannot has a network of additional advisors that make up the core experience of Blackfox Development to pull knowledge from.

Company Info.

Whitefox LLC, dba Blackfox Development is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business registered and in current good standing in the state of New Hampshire. We hold a home office in Deerfield, NH and we can be reached directly via email at info@blackfoxdev.com.