Business Checkup

Preventative medicine is something that we have gotten used to as a common practice for our bodies. Why treat your small business any different? It’s important to keep a keen eye on your books for symptoms of underlying problems. How do you stand up to your market competitors? Are you meeting your goals? Are there hidden problems that could be costing you precious margin?

These are the things that our periodical business checkups do. We review your books and can identify any potential trouble areas. We include this in our basic service packages to better know your company, its size, its financial goals, and constraints so that we can better act as a fiduciary on your behalf.

This is essentially a third-party audit of the general operations and health of your company. We use this check-up to assist in determining what needs might be most critical to your success.

The knowledge and information we gain from the regular business needs calls are bumped up against the financial data we review. This ensures that we are seeing the results of any efforts we undertake with your business. Or in the event you are holding off on services but still have basic coverage with us we will always be familiar with your books in order to support and predict your needs.